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DIPPY 28 Litre Swim Dry Bag in Pink Camo

DIPPY 28 Litre Swim Dry Bag in Pink Camo

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Our Tow Float / Dry Bag is an essential piece of gear for every open-water enthusiast. Whether you're gearing up for your next triathlon, enjoying a casual swim, or paddling out on your board, ensure your safety and keep your essentials close.

Key Benefits:

  • Keep Your Kit Dry: Our waterproof 28-litre capacity swim buoy dry bag ensures your valuables like keys, phone, and cash stay dry, perfect for indulging in a post-swim treat. Plus, the dual air chambers provide added security, to rest or a chance to chat mid-swim.

  • Safety First: Our tow float/dry bag, equipped with a built-in whistle, attracts attention and enhances your safety in the water.

  • Durability and Dependability: Enjoy a secure and drag-free swim with our lightweight and robust premium nylon PVC-coated open water swim float. Complete with fixed handles, tether, and adjustable waist belts, our bags cater to all sizes. (waist belt size – goes up to 47 inc. or 119 cm – extra waist belts available)

  • Great Value and Satisfaction Guarantee: We prioritise your safety and satisfaction. Each swim dry bag undergoes individual inspection and testing to ensure the highest quality. We're committed to providing great value and peace of mind for our outdoor swimming community.

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